"Silver Leaf" Articles in Other Publications

I call these "Silver Leaf" articles because they were written by Paul and Irvin Leigh Matus while Silver Leaf was extant with the objective of promoting rapid transit modeling. They were heavier on history and discussion of prototype lines than they were on the modeling aspect.

Rapid Transit--Part 1, Railroad Model Craftsman, January 1965, p.36

Rapid Transit--Part 2, Railroad Model Craftsman, February 1965, p.22

Rapid Transit 1867-??, Traction & Models, March 1965 (vol. 1, no. 1), p.14.

Rapid Transit--The Cars That Served, Traction & Models, April 1965, p.14.

Rapid Transit--How "Inter" the Interborough, Traction & Models, June 1965, p.18.

Rapid Transit--The Further Battles of the BRT, Traction & Models, July 1965, p.13.

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